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Super Store Finder for WordPress 6.1 – Info Window Icons,Load Assets Options and Review Notification

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    In Patch 6.1, we have added Info Icon and Load Plugin Asset options at admin settings page as well as Rating / Review email notification.

    Important Notice: If you’ve just upgraded from below version 5.0, ensure that you deactivate then reactivate the plugin as well as update all add-ons (if available) to the latest version, more details available in this forum post here.

    1. Info Window Icons:

    At admin settings page, you can set Store info icons to Yes or No.

    Info Window Icons - Super Store Finder

    The results at front-end will be shown as below

    Info Window Icons Store Locator

    You can customize the icons with different version of Font Awesome or other customization which can be requested via the contact form here if needed.

    Custom Info Window Icons

    2. Load Plugin Assets:

    Super Store Finder Load Plugin Assets

    By default all plugin assets including JavaSript and CSS files are only loaded on the store locator page when the option is set to Plugin page only.

    Alternatively, there’s an option to include plugin assets on all pages as well if needed by setting this option to All Pages.

    3. Rating / Review Email Notification:

    Important Notice: You will need to update the core as well as Rating & Review add-on for this.

    Whenever, your store has received a new rating / review, you will be notified via email.

    Super Store Finder Rating & Review Email Notification

    The email will be sent to your Contact Email which can be set at admin settings page.


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