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Google warning notification about and Super Store Locator

  • Hello all,
    I received a warning from google about a Super Store Locator map included in a website.
    This is the warning text:

    ==================== start
    What happened
    We have become aware of a security issue that may be affecting websites using specific third-party libraries (including This issue can sometimes redirect visitors away from the intended website without website owner knowledge or permission, or potentially cause other malicious behavior. Many of the Maps JavaScript API samples in the Developer Documentation previously included a script declaration. We have removed this from those samples. If you have used the Maps JavaScript API samples that contain this declaration, we recommend removing the declaration.

    What to do
    Please see below to learn how to take action, if needed:
    1. Investigate your website: Check your website’s code to see if you’re loading any compromised libraries (including
    2. Remove or replace the code: If you find compromised libraries, consider:
    – Hosting a clean, secure version of the code yourself
    – Switching to an alternative library or provider
    – Removing the library if you don’t need it
    3. Re-deploy your code through your regular process.

    For your reference, attached is a list of your projects where we have detected Maps Javascript API usage. Please check all sites associated with these projects.
    ==================== end

    Is there something to do with our Super Store Locator map?

    Sofia Moss
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    Hi there,

    Code update is not needed as our code do not have calls to polyfill server, however, we’ve still removed all Polyfill javascript files in the latest plugin file, you can refer to this forum post for more info here.


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