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i can't remove Custom Marker

  • i can’t remove or change Custom Marker
    How to fix it?

    details as image

    Sofia Moss
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out, firstly ensure that you’re using the latest version, you can refer to the upgrade instructions here.

    Also, ensure that wp-content/uploads folder is available with writable permission (recursively). Double check with your hosting provider to ensure that there’s no firewall or htaccess file blocking the folder.

    Next, try to press f12 and open the browser console to see if there’s any error, if you’re getting error 500/403, you can try to open a ticket and request your hosting provider to unblock the link, more details related to this issue is available in this knowledge base article here.

    if you’re still facing an issue after troubleshooting steps above, you can provide below details via the contact form here and we can open a ticket to get our tech team to have a closer look

    1) url of store locator
    2) link to screenshot / description of the issue
    3) temporary WP admin access
    4) temporary FTP access
    5) purchase code with active support


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