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Hide Search bar

  • hello all, i would like to know of there is a way to hide the search bar and also add customization and logo to the sidebar where the user can click on the logo then the marker info shows on map. Thanks
    (sorry for my english :p)

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out, no worries, if you’re using the WordPress version, you can hide the Search bar from admin settings page more details available here.

    If you’re using standalone, you can press f12 and use the arrow tool to find specific CSS element and use CSS override with !important to make the changes by editing the CSS file, more details available in this knowledge base article here.

    If you’re using Mega Store Locator Theme or WordPress version, you can select the layout from admin settings page, more info available here.

    If you have customization request, you can request our devs team to perform customization.

    Based on Codecanyon support policy here, the off-the-shelf product features come as it is, as per item description and live preview page, customization is not part of the support scope, however can be requested to our devs team via this contact form here if needed.


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