CSS Conflicts and How to Overcome It

CSS conflict can happen and it’s sometimes depending on the the WordPress Theme or plugins that may use general CSS on basic elements such as div, p, h1, h2 and so forth..

For example if the WordPress theme has CSS that says all DIV, give them padding bottom 10 pixels.

What happens is that the div in the store locator design will have padding bottom 10 pixels as well.

The reason PHP version is perfect because there are no interference.

How to Overcome It?

1. DIY Fix Using CSS Override

You can use the browser inspector on major browsers to detect the CSS that might cause the issue and use CSS override to fix the issue.

Below knowledge base article might be able to assist you.

1) Find the UI CSS Element using Browser Inspector
2) Using CSS Override to fix the issue

2. Expert advise and fix

If you need our expert help to review the css, you can a request customization via profile page available here http://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden by providing exact store locator URL and screenshot of the issue so our devs can analyze. Getting our devs to do hands on fix on your server will require fee depending on the complexity of the work.


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