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View location Via Single Click

  • Hello

    While using custom styling and showing stores/locations in a list manner I’m facing a limitation with plugin’s functionality. On a click it does not directly opens the location/store but shows it on map from where it can redirect to any specific location or store.

    Can I open up the location/store by single click so that User does not have to click two times to open the location?

    Adding website link for example of Viewing Store with View Store by Single Click.
    View Location by Single Click

    Sofia Moss
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out, unfortunately the off-the-shelf plugin does not have this feature as per listed in the item description and live demo site. However, you can request this feature to be customized, for example, opening a new tab with the website link or external using when clicking the map markers.

    Based on Codecanyon support policy here, the off-the-shelf product features come as it is as per item description and live preview page, customization is not part of the support scope, however can be requested to our devs team via this contact form if needed.


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