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stores not display and shortcode not work

  • hi,
    I am using WordPress 6.5.3 and PHP 8.1.
    I encounter 2 problems with the plugin:

    – The first problem, the [SUPER-STORE-FINDER] shortcode does not work. This shortcode is displayed in plain text and does not load the map.

    But the strangest thing is that by trying several manipulations, if I put
    followed by the php function:

    if (function_exists(‘ssf_wp_template’)) {print ssf_wp_template(‘[SUPER-STORE-FINDER]’);}

    the map is displayed with the search. While keeping the previous shortcode in plain text. But I have to enter the shortcode and the php on the same page for it to work. One doesn’t work without the other. I used a simple WordPress theme to test and found the same.

    – The second problem, my stores are not displayed on the map. When I create a store and put the address, I have the location which is automatically identified on the map. Likewise, I have my search for a place that works on the map. So my APIs work (I followed the tutorial to know what to activate on Google API). But my stores don’t appear.
    Also, I set the default country in the plugin but it always leaves me in New York.

    If you have any ideas please. Thanks!
    p.s: I could provide you with admin and ftp access if necessary, but I do not have “discrete” fields in the forms.

    best regards.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out, for support, if you’re facing an issue, kindly provide below details via the contact form here and we can open a ticket to get our tech team to have a closer look

    1) url of store locator
    2) link to screenshot / description of the issue
    3) temporary WP admin access
    4) temporary FTP access
    5) purchase code with active support


    Thank you for your feedback, message sent.

    Best regards

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