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reformat the address in the dealer display

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    I’d like to change the way the address information is displayed in the modal which opens when you click a dealer location on the map.

    Thought i could maybe do it with a js script in the child theme.

    jQuery( document ).ready(function() {
    	var data = jQuery('.store-address').text();
    	var arr = data.split(';');
    	var city = arr[2].replace(',', '');
    	var pc = arr[4].replace(' ','');
    	jQuery(".store-address").html("<div class='new-address-format'><span class='new-store-address'>" + arr[1] + "</span></br><span class='new-store-city'>" + city + "</span></br>" + "<span class='new-store-pc-place'>" + pc + " " +  arr[3] + "</span></div>");

    Here on you can see what i want with the address.
    Codepen example
    Any suggestion is welcome.


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    Hi Erik,

    Thank you for your inquiry, our devs have reviewed this post and requested for the url of the store locator page and temporary FTP access which can be sent via the contact form at the profile page here


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