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Multi Category options

  • Hi guys,

    First of all, great tool! I have a great idea with this so I hope you can help me with all the questions. I want to buy the multi category options for WP. However, in the screenshots I see that all filters are placed in one section. But is it also possible to have more filter category’s so you can choose from each option.

    An example;
    The brand has clothing stores and furniture stores. The customer wants to find shoes especially for men. In the ideal world, the customer would first filter on “clothing stores”, then “shoes” and then “men”

    In the current situation all of the “tags” are placed in one filter and on alphabet so you have to scroll through the whole filter.

    Hope this is possible!

    Kind regards

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    Hi Rene,

    The multi-category add-on only adds the multi select (checkboxes) instead of radio button at the frontend selection as per live demo and item description page. For additional filters, you may need to request our devs team for customization via the contact form here by providing your full requirement list so they can analyze the timeline/cost.

    Based on Codecanyon support policy here, the off-the-shelf product features come as it is as per item description and live preview page, customization is not part of the support scope, however can be requested to our devs team if needed.


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