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Map mysteriously changes style

  • Landshark

    I used code from Snazzy Maps to create my map. Looks great until I click on one of the results. When I do that, it reverts to the default map style?

    Sofia Moss
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    Hi there,

    You can try to disable the WP Theme (use default theme) and all plugins, and refresh the page to test the functionality. Then enable back the WP Theme / plugins and check to see if there’s any conflict with any of them.

    If you’re still facing issues, kindly provide below details via the contact form here and we can open a ticket to get our tech team to have a closer look

    1) url of store locator
    2) link to screenshot / description of the issue
    3) temporary WP admin access
    4) temporary FTP access
    5) purchase code with active support



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