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install multi categories add-on

  • Do you have any guide on how to install multi categories add-on to my database (without cpane) ?
    I have read the Readme file but i have no idea how to add this quote inside my SQL..
    ALTER TABLE stores CHANGE cat_id cat_id varchar(255);

    It keep promting out this error:
    SQL query:

    ALTER TABLE stores CHANGE cat_id cat_id varchar(255)
    MySQL said: Documentation

    #1146 – Table ‘bitnami_wordpress.stores’ doesn’t exist

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for your inquiry, from the table reference you’ve provided bitnami_wordpress, if you’re using a WordPress site, you might have purchased the standalone version, the WordPress version is available here.

    If you’re mistakenly made the wrong purchase, you can request for a refund at


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