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Import NOT Geocoding

  • Landshark

    This is the second site I am using this plugin for, and while I had a rough time getting going on the other site, I never had issues importing the locations. Now for the second site, no matter what I try it will not geocode the addresses. And yes I have tried importing the sample data with no luck. cURL is active and many other things I’ve found suggested online.


    Makes no sense really but after issuing 10 different API keys to try to make this work, I put the original keys in I used from the start and it worked! Wish I could provide a good solution but apparently 2 days of beating your head against the wall proved to do the trick 😉

    Sofia Moss
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    Hi there,

    In order to perform import and geocoding, you need to create a Google API key (for Import/Geocoding) (This is different from Google API key) . Instructions available here. (In step 10, you cannot have HTTP referrers)


    Before you add your Geocoding key to admin settings page, you need to test the key (on web browser) as per article here to see if they return the address from Google or not here.


    Testing the key part is crucial to ensure that your import/geocoding will not return 0,0 after the import.

    After your key is successfully tested (Doesn’t show REQUEST DENIED), you can add your Geocoding key via admin settings page and perform the import.



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