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Trending Store Locator with Food Delivery Services During the Covid Pandemic

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    During this hard times, firstly we pray for the safety of everyone in all countries throughout the world. Let’s minimize the risk of the infection by wearing a mask, avoid crowded places, buying things online and everything we can to stop the pandemic from spreading and hurt other people’s loved ones.

    Here at Super Store Finder, there’s a trend of integration of your website store locator with Food delivery services and you can do this for FREE (Read Here) such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Seamless,,, Postmates, goPuff, GrubHub, Swiggy, Foodpanda, GrabFood, Zomato, GlovoApp and many more. And most of them have their own iOS and Android apps to make it even much more easier for customers to order food to their homes.

    TacoTime Canada which integrates their website store locator with Food Delivery services

    Most restaurants that are currently facing lockdown can go online and setup store locator on their websites with the integration to food delivery services. This way, customers can easily visit their favorite restaurant website and order straight away after searching for the nearest store.

    When browsing on our favorite restaurants online through their websites, we can use Super Store Finder (WordPress or Standalone version which can use embed code on any web platform) as the store locator which will show you nearby stores and you can view the distances to get the minimum delivery fee and delivery food safely to their homes.

    We hope things will get better soon and once again pray for everyone safety and well being. Stay safe everyone and together we can go through this! Lots of love from us here at Super Store Finder.

    Super Store Finder Team

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    Seems to work for our store locations as the stores a heavily getting online deliveries from delivery services providers.

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