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Geolocation City Not Showing (GeoLiteCity)

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    Hello Support,

    1. I have had this issue for about 12 months but had limited time to have an in-depth look at the issue.

    2. I have downloaded the updated GeoLiteCity.dat file but it has made not change.

    3. The issue shows only the country when you land on the store finder page (embedded) the city is missing or not showing.

    Example == , Australia

    4. This happens mainly on mobiles that are not connected to WIFI and are using 4G data.

    5. Can you please assist.

    Thank You.


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    Sofia Moss
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    Hi SFG,

    Thank you for your inquiry, you can download and try the latest GeoLiteCity.dat from maxmind available here.

    If you’re still getting , Australia it could be that your location is not in maxmind GeoLiteCity database library and it will be out of our control.

    You may want to try the exact geo location add-on here, although your server will require HTTPS as per latest Google security policy.


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