Country Filter in Super Store Finder for WordPress

In Patch 5.4, you can allow your users to filter stores based on Country. Take note, ensure that you upgrade the core plugin and all add-ons, then deactivate/reactivate the plugin after upgrading or refer to our upgrade instruction

Important Notice: If you’re importing Country column using CSV file, ensure to put 2-character ISO Country Code for the country column data i.e US, DE, CA, AU, RU, etc. You can refer to the ISO Country Code List here.

How To Use Country Filter Super Store Finder for WordPress

To enable this filter, you will need to go to WP Admin > Super Store Finder > Settings page, under the Filter Panel Tab, set Country Filter to Enabled



When adding/editing a store, a new option called Country will appear which allow you to set country for a particular store.


The country list will only be displayed at frontend if there are stores associated with that country otherwise those countries will remain hidden.


You can change the label of Country and All Country from admin settings page (Labels Tab)



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