How to Show UberEats, DoorDash and other Food Delivery/Pick Up services on your Store Locator

You can upload image icons for your favorite delivery/pick up options and add the link directly to the delivery/pickup web page.

For example:

doordash uber

When adding/editing a store, You can upload and add links to the images in the Description field as screenshot below


For example, you can link the buttons to your favorite food page on Uber, Doordash or other favorite delivery providers.

You can also use the XHTML button and add your own embed code from your favorite Food Delivery services.

Save your store, and you should be able to see the Delivery/Pickup buttons on the frontend of your stores.


To show description in the result list (to show your Delivery/Pickup buttons in the result list), you can refer to this knowledge base article here.


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