How do I disable or modify the scroll to top function when clicking marker or result

In Patch 4.2.1, the scroll setting is completely revamp, you can choose only 3 options for users when they click on the result list or map marker as below:

a) Auto – Automatically scroll to top most interface of your store locator
b) Top page – Scrolls to the most top of your web page header
c) None – Disable the scrolling feature


In patch 3.5, you can set the scrolling position via settings page.

Values example:

0 – Most Top
100 – 100 pixels from top
400 – 400 pixels from top

Note: To delete the scrolling effect, edit js/mega-superstorefinder.js search every keyword that has scrollTop and delete each and every one from the javascript, clear cache and refresh.

For older versions:

You can do this by editing js/mega-superstorefinder.js, search and remove the following code (there are 2 occurences):

jQuery("body").animate({scrollTop:0}, 'slow');

To scroll to a specific position you can change the 0 value above to where your map is available on the page, for example 100 pixels from the top UI as below

jQuery("body").animate({scrollTop:100}, 'slow');

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