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Regions filter

  • In the stand alone version I have changed the the “Google Maps Region” admin setting from “World Wide (Default) to “New Zealand” but still see a World Wide Regions filter in the store finder? I would have thought by changing these settings the regions would change to as defined in the file /includes/geoipregionvars.php starting on line 3007 through to line 3025?

    I figured it out

    Sofia Moss
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    No worries, to limit the search within a particular region only, for standalone version, you can edit

    themes/meta.php or themes/meta_mobile.php file and edit from:

    <script src="<?php echo $google_api_key; ?>libraries=geometry,places"></script>


    <script src="<?php echo $google_api_key; ?>region= NZ&libraries=geometry,places"></script>

    * Example above is using New Zealand as the region


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