Can I request to customize Super Store Finder to suit my requirements?

Yes, you can. Just send a private message via profile page (The form is located at the bottom right of the page). Some of the customization demo are listed as below:

1. Numeric Markers – (Only available with customization)

2. Bootstrap Popup – (Try to search for UTAH)

3. Heatmap –

4. Custom Import of Bulk Data (Please provide sql / csv or xls file)

5. Pagination –

6. Mega Locator Theme / WordPress advanced pagination –

7. Gifts WordPress Plugin –

8. Complex Filter Customization –


Customization Add-on / Request

Here are some customization works that can extend the features of Super Store Finder, if you’re interested with the customization samples below or you have your own requirements, please send the request via  profile page (Fill up the form at the bottom-right of this page).

Terms and conditions: Please ensure that you’re a valid purchaser before any customization requests can be initiated.


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