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Loaded event

  • Hello,

    I am trying to add classes to the categories in the filter panel. The problem is the filter items are not created yet when the document is ready.

    This is my code:

    All in all I am not really happy how categories are handeled in SSF. To sort my categories I had to add “a” & “b” in front of the category names. Which is not an optimal solution. I need this because I have two kinds of categories. And I needed them to be grouped. And I didn’t see any other possibilty to add them to the stores.

    Heres a screenshot to see what i mean:
    “a)” are the types of stores
    “b)” are the type of products they sell

    Sofia Moss
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    Hi there,

    We just checked with our devs team, currently the category only support a single group, you can post at our wishlist forums here if you have suggestions so our devs team can have a look and consider to include in future developments. If you need the features urgently, you can request customization via the contact form at our profile page here



    thanks for the reply. Its okay, I found a work around for that.

    What I really need now is the loaded event from the plugin so I know when i can hook in with javascript.

    Thanks in advance.

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